Inside the Old Courthouse

It is difficult to believe this magnificent edifice was slated for demolition after the Vanderburgh County Government moved their offices out in 1968.

Thankfully a a small group of determined citizens set out to save it and formed the Conrad Baker Foundation (later Old Courthouse Preservation Society). Taking control of the Old Courthouse as well as, the former Sherriff’s Residence and Jail, they held them safe for our city until the organization’s dissolution in 2001.

Today, their successor, the Old Courthouse Foundation, continues to work closely with the Vanderburgh County to conserve the building for its owners, the citizens of Vanderburgh County.

Thanks to the passionate volunteer work of Foundation members both current and past, Evansville retains this landmark of our city and the Southern Indiana region for generations to come.

The Old Courthouse currently houses offices for small businesses and offers its large spaces to the public for event rentals. Feel free to come down anytime during the week from 8am – 4pm to walk its magnificent halls and soak in the history.

Check out upcoming Old Courthouse events and become a part of the Old Courthouse community.