Back by popular demand! Our Bourbon tasting is the best in the entire area! No other event has as many brands and products available for you to sample.

We just got this year’s sample list in and cannot wait to try them!

Get Your Ticket and Get in the Spirit!

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bourbon tasting


Brown Forman

Woodford Reserve

Woodford Reserve Double Oak

Woodford Reserve Rye

NEW Woodford Reserve Wheat

Old Forester 86

Old Forester Signature

Old Forester 1870

Old Forester 1897

Old Forester 1920

Old Forester Rye

William Grant

Hudson Baby Bourbon

NEW Fistful of Bourbon

Limestone Branch


Minor Case Rye


David Nicholson Special Reserve

David Nicholson 1843

Ezra Brooks Rye


High West American Prairie

High West Double Rye

High West Rendezvous Rye

High West Campfire


Westland American Single Malt

Westland Peated American Malt Whiskey

Westland Sherry Wood American Whiskey

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